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Building Connections: From Education to Architecture

New Beginnings

Transitioning from 19 years in education to joining ICON Architectural Group as an Educational Development Advocate has certainly been a leap of faith for my family and I. My passion has always been creating environments where students can learn and grow, and this new position allows me to extend that passion to the field of architecture.

The decision to join ICON, in all honestly, was not easy. Not because of the exceptional work ICON did for Beulah Schools, but because my heart has always found comfort within the walls of a school building. But, during the build/remodel project in Beulah, I was able to see firsthand the profound impact that thoughtful, innovative design can have on an educational environment, and most importantly how that impact transcended to our students and teachers. The commitment showed from ICON to enhance the learning environment and foster community engagement is mirrored by my own dedication for enhancing educational excellence.

One of the reasons I decided to join ICON was because their team is full of passionate, considerate individuals that I have been able to form lasting relationships with. ICON works with you, and not necessarily for you. They have a vested interest in their clients and will work tirelessly to ensure their needs are met. They did exactly that in Beulah.

So even though the transition seems like a giant step, it is a natural progression. Both require an understanding of how environments influence behavior. My experiences in education have provided me with an understanding of the needs of students, teachers, and communities. I am excited to leverage this knowledge in my new role with ICON.

In my role as Education Development Advocate – I want to do just that. Advocate for you, your school, and your community. I was once a superintendent that knew literally nothing about the construction process. I had a million questions during our project, and I did not quite know who to turn to. I can be that guy for you. I now have a solid understanding of the entire process mirrored with the knowledge I have gained working within a school for the last 19 years.

In this blog, I plan to share my experiences and insights in this new role as well the experiences I have gained working in education. I hope to offer a unique perspective on how the lines of education and architecture can intersect, and how we can build connections that provide exceptional learning environments for you, your school, and your communities.

About Me

Travis Jordan served 19 years in education in various roles from coach, teacher, principal, to superintendent. He’s served on many boards throughout his years in education and has a vast knowledge of current educational trends. He joins ICON Architects as an Education Development Advocate helping to provide connections that intersect the lines of architecture and education.

He and his wife Jennifer and four children (Tayten 16, Jeter 13, Brinley 11, and Madden 8) reside in Beulah, ND. Prior to Beulah, Travis and his family have lived in Bismarck, ND, Cooperstown, ND, and Langdon, ND (where Jennifer is originally from). Although chasing their children around to all of their different sporting events seems to be the norm, Travis and his family enjoy spending time with family, camping, and golfing.

Travis authored the book Connections over Conformity: A Pathway to Success that Travels through the Heart which speaks to the importance of relationships as an ingredient to success in today’s schools. Travis enjoys traveling to communities and schools speaking about his book, education, and leadership.

Travis’s preferred Social Media platform, is “X” his handle is - @supt_Jordan,”


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