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During the design process, ICON’s team of architects ensures the Owner’s aspirations are understood and implemented into the design, all while handling budget and time constraints. A great design is not only one that appeals to the user’s eye, but one that is on time and within budget. At ICON, we ensure client satisfaction throughout the project duration and strive to meet the necessary requirements brought forth by the Owner.


At ICON, the team believes that with purposeful interior design, the inside of a building tells the story of the organization immediately when the user enters the space. Interior design combined with architectural design is the key to ensure positive user experience and interaction. Diverse interior design solutions that reflect an organization’s brand, culture, and vision are the ones that people will not forget. ICON’s interior designers collaborate with each client to understand each one of their unique needs and aspirations. The team is equipped to bring the client’s vision to life because of their experience in a range of building types. ICON’s completed interior design work includes historic restoration, contemporary renovations, and new construction.



ICON’s team of structural engineers provide the backbone to the project team. It is the engineer’s job to consider logic, safety, efficiency, and budget in the design process. The team is expected to offer robust solutions that not only exceed the client’s expectations but are safe, long-lasting, and cost-effective. With years of experience and extensive knowledge on current design standards, ICON’s engineers work to deliver flexible building structures that will be able to adapt to future needs and plan for the diverse usage of the facility.


ICON’s master planning service includes identifying the Owner’s vision by taking the time to listen and understand their desires and needs for the project. The team creates a long-term planning document that will provide a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. This is done by conducting research, bringing forth possible solutions, and recognizing future opportunities for the Owner.

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During the construction phase, the team makes frequent visits to the site to ensure that the design is being followed, construction is on schedule, and that the owner’s vision is becoming a reality. Based on these site visits, adjustments are made as necessary.


Throughout the project design, ICON understands and acknowledges the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. While not every project requires certification, ICON incorporates the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) into each design. ICON has a proven history in Sustainable Design. Out of 2,500 applicants, Scheels Arena won the Green Building of America Award. Along with Scheel’s Arena, Northrop Grumman at Grand Sky is LEED Certified, and the AE2S Headquarters building was designed for LEED Certification.

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Due to the increased use of audiovisual, information technology, building energy management, and security technologies, early discussion in the design phase is crucial for proper technology integration. Technology systems have the ability to create a seamless experience with the easy control of projectors, room dimming, window shades, HVAC, and more.


ICON is able to assist public entities and sports facilities realize their programmatic and funding goals. The design team will start by creating a concept that will serve the needs of the community and maximize its supporters’ investments. From there, the ICON team will help create a fundraising plan with appropriately priced and impactful opportunities, creating a path to success from the beginning.



ICON not only designs your built environment but also illustrates the big picture and a vision with the help of the community. Our team engages the community with different strategies to understand their needs and wants. Community engagement isn’t only communicating with the community, it gives members a platform to give feedback, concerns, ideas and give us a platform to increase buy-in throughout the process. ICON employs different programs to gather information from the community to include them in the design process.


Our team is here to provide clients with all the information and a game plan to turn their vision into a reality. From the beginning stages of a project’s life, ICON can assist in making connections between developers, government entities, the community, and more. Our team works closely with clients to provide a structured approach to turn ideas into concepts and turn those concepts into an executable project within their set budget.

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