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ICON worked with the University of North Dakota’s Athletic Department on the Athletics Master Plan to identify and document a future planning process, key strengths of the Athletic Department’s facilities, current and future facility needs, the needs of individual sports teams at UND, and long-term strategic goals. The Master Plan was intended to bring a current perspective and update to previous Master Plans developed for the University and Athletics Department. It has become a cohesive part of the overall Master Plan for the University of North Dakota.

To complete the master plan, a series of face to face meetings were completed with the University’s Facilities leaders to understand the goals and inventory of existing facilities while also considering future campus-wide impacts and needs of the Athletic department. Additionally, Athletic Department leadership provided direction and input on all its sports to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of the 17 sports in the department. The goal of the process was to elevate the game day experience for all of UND’s sports teams. The process strives to ensure the facilities and sports teams alike, are the top quality in the conference, division, and throughout the country. Fans, student-athletes, and Alumni of the University of North Dakota should feel this level of quality in every aspect of the sport. Some steps in the process included review and discussion of existing facilities, programming of master plan athletic facility needs and spatial requirements, and developing Athletic Department needs and priorities.

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