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ICON has created a plan for the transformation of West Main Street in Mandan, North Dakota. The city of Mandan would like to attract more people and develop an area of Mandan that will become a hub for activity in the Bismarck/Mandan area. The project will integrate Mandan’s rich heritage by downsizing and re-facing the former Central Market building, while also possibly including the construction of two additional mixed-use buildings to draw more traffic to the city and spur vitality. The conceptual designs renovated the former grocery store building by adding windows and doors to create multiple tenant spaces. Other key elements of the design are the addition of a multi-functional open market and event hall to serve as a facility that can host a variety of events such as a farmer’s market, trade shows, weddings, and more.

• Renovation of old grocery store
• Multiple tenant spaces
• Open market and event hall to host a variety of events
• New location for Mandan Library
• ICON recognized the need and pitched the idea to the City of Mandan

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