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Heart of America Correctional & Treatment Center is a multi-county correctional center located in Rugby, North Dakota. The facility was built for maximum flexibility with a smaller population, and its unique design gives these counties in North Dakota unique flexibility. In addition to the standard multi-county support classifications, this facility includes a rehab-focused medical unit with full time counseling staff, and medical staff to provide a variety of services in house. The building houses State, County, City, and Federal inmates with 120 total inmate beds and one padded cell. The project also included a 911 call center, an intake and release area, visitor processing and visitation area, a secure sally port, and County Sheriff’s offices.

• 35,000 s.f.
• Federal, State, County, and City inmates
• 29 inmate holding cells
• 120 total inmate beds
• 40 total inmate rehab beds
• 1 padded cell
• 12 total work release beds
• Public visitation
• County Sheriff’s offices
• 911 call center
• Rehab focused medical unit
• Inmate dining, housing, laundry
• Secure sally port
• Visitation area

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