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Area 57 will serve as a multi-purpose environment where living, shopping, working, playing and socializing coexist. The first phase of Area 57 is buildings C and D. Building C will have 27 one and two story residential units, and 12,746 s.f. of commercial space. Building D will have 25 residential units and 8,728 s.f. of commercial space. The project includes an outdoor programmable park, health and wellness focused businesses, and a mix of retail to support the residential and commercial tenants. The buildings will have an attractive and modern design. Area 57 will be a prominent building complex that will give Bismarck residents an area where people can work, live, and play together.

Building C
• 27 one and two story residential units
• 12,746 s.f. of commercial space

Building D
• 25 residential units
• 8,728 s.f. of commercial space

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