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Ray Public School - Addition and Renovation

Ray, ND

The Ray-Nesson Public School District was given a $10 Million endowment and desired to address increasing enrollment and outdated facilities and improve VoAg/CTE spaces that were damaged by a fire. Due to additional project scope, a referendum vote was brought forward by the District. The community approved the bond referendum with 92%, allowing the District to complete the project and have potential access to state funds and low interest loans.

A two-story addition was placed at the northwest corner of the site and included a large VoAg/CTE shop, seven classrooms, and the remaining space was shelled out for the future construction of additional classrooms and supporting spaces including a new science classroom/laboratory, restrooms, and a teachers’ lounge. The existing VoAg/CTE space was renovated into an ITV classroom which allowed for expansion of the commons area with that area being able to be closed off as an additional classroom when needed.

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