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Bismarck Public Schools Silver Ranch Elementary School - New Construction

Bismarck, ND

The Bismarck Public School District is the largest in the state, with nearly 13,300 students enrolled. The elementary division has approximately 6,000 students attending the various schools within the city. The Silver Ranch development was a partnership between the Sibernagel Family and Developer Chad Wachter to create a community with bicycle paths, tennis courts, and other elements that will bring family living together. A natural fit to this ideology was an elementary school.

Sunrise Elementary School currently serves the northeast portion of Bismarck, but is experiencing large enrollment numbers, thus requiring portable classrooms. Silver Ranch Elementary is located approximately 1 mile from Sunrise Elementary School and has 24 classrooms to house up to 500 students. The school features two preschool classrooms, two music rooms, a gymnasium, collaboration spaces, commons/cafeteria, two playgrounds, and specialized classrooms. The elementary school allows for smaller class sizes within the neighboring school and accommodates the expected growth of the development in which it sits.

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