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ICON, in partnership with KWK Architects, was selected to create an on-campus student housing strategic plan that focused on University-owned inventory of residence halls. The strategic plan outlined a comprehensive renovation, demolition and new construction strategy that captured a residential model that would have a positive impact on student recruitment, retention, growth and achievement. The overall goals of the strategic plan included:
• Renovation of existing buildings
o Improve bathroom facilities, common spaces
o Provide air-conditioning in all residences
o Reduce density
o Craft a self-generated (Housing) or (Public Private Partnership-assisted) debt funding plan
• Financial plan that represented the framework for the deferred maintenance, capital improvements and expansion of the student housing system to meet student preferences
• Assumptions for long-term rent expenses, development costs and escalation would be required for a financially sustainable housing system.
• Establish a baseline from which all projections are made.
• Alignment with Campus Facilities Master Plan

The strategic plan focused on the core target market of college freshmen and sophomores, as all freshmen are required to live on campus their first year, and work toward retaining sophomores’ on campus status. The plan also focused on community identity, traditions and
opportunities within resident life to create memorable spaces that will foster advocacy of their
residential experience, continue learning engagement, and future alumni support. The team explored various options for an expansion of the variety of unit types and availability of room options through renovations of traditional residential halls to attract and accommodate students, and reduce density. A refresh of the existing residential environments to include better “like home” living rooms, improved bathrooms and multi-purpose spaces outfitted to meet the expectations and desires of current and future students was also considered as a part of the plan.

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