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As part of Mason City’s River City Renaissance Project, the vacant JC Penney store at the mall has been renovated and redesigned into a 52,500 square foot multipurpose arena and event center. The arena features ten locker rooms including nine team locker rooms and one officials’ locker room, office space for Mason City Youth Hockey, the North Iowa Bulls, the North Iowa Figure Skating Club, and Mason City Parks and Recreation, an off-ice training area and teaching theatre with easy access from the event level, a variety of seating types including typical arena seating, rail seating, a club room, and a mezzanine level, multiple concession and beverage service areas, and technology integration for an improved gameday and event experience. In addition, the mall connection extends the event atmosphere outside of the main arena to support community retail and food establishments.

With seating for over 2,000 people, the arena is home to Mason City Youth Hockey, the North Iowa Bulls hockey team, and the North Iowa Figure Skating Club. The facility will also be able to accommodate basketball, volleyball, wrestling, concerts, tradeshows, and more. ICON was hired in early 2019 and the first game was played in the new arena in late 2019.

• 2,044 seating capacity for hockey
• 2,839 seating capacity for basketball
• 3,412 seating capacity for concerts
• 10 locker rooms
• Office/administration space
• Off ice training and a teaching theatre
• Variety of seating types
• Multiple concession and beverage service areas
• Technology integration for improved gameday and event experience
• Home to Mason City Youth Hockey, the North Iowa Bulls, and the North Iowa Figure Skating Club
• One-year design and construction schedule

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