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5 Questions with Josh Goldade

This month's employee spotlight features Josh Goldade, Project Engineer. We sat down with Josh and asked him five questions to learn more about his work with iconHD.

1. iconHD is a division of ICON Architectural Group. Can you talk a little more about what your team does and what services you provide?

Right, iconHD is a design, engineering, and construction firm, a part of ICON Architectural Group. Our team provides turn-key AV systems and other technology integrations and designs in a variety of buildings such as commercial or athletic facilities. From digital wayfinding signage to LED messaging displays to upgraded security systems, we bring forth a diverse toolbox of technology applications to our clients. We also provide complete project management, often collaborating with other design firms such as our own.

2. What projects is the team currently working on?

All things considered, we do have quite a few projects we are currently working around the country and in Grand Forks including finishing up Southtowne Square.

3. You’ve mentioned your team has provided services for athletic facilities. What kind of facilities has your team been a part of and what has that experience been like?

Our team has completed projects for affiliations of all levels including NCAA, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and MLS. Our work has allowed our team to travel all around the country to implement different technology systems in various arenas, stadiums, fieldhouses, and more. The work has been beneficial to our team to be able to experience and understand diverse building types, team needs, fan experiences, among other variables. We enjoy being able to provide a great game experience for sports fans around the world.

4. In your opinion, how important is it to have solid technology concepts integrated into a built environment?

Very! We have completed a lot of athletic projects where the technology has been extremely important for the atmosphere of an event. We also have recently completed several architectural lighting projects in commercial buildings that are creating a lot of buzz. We have seen that people are really drawn in by elements such as the rooftop accent lighting installed at Southtowne Square. What we are finding is that well-integrated and executed technology is becoming essential in all projects.

5. Your team is assisting in projects all over the country. Do you know how many miles you have put on while visiting different job sites?

Since I have started, I’ve flown about 510,000 miles for different jobs around the country. My job allows me to see some pretty great places and experience lots of new things.

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