Our firm continues to be a leader in the region for educational facility planning, design, and construction administration. Our goal when working in public education is to create learning environments that fully integrate the mission of the district, develop instructional spaces that enhance and enrich the learning opportunities, and promote the overall quality of the student learning experience.

"ICON architects did a great job listening to us and understanding all of our needs, wants, and wishes related to the building project. They were very professional and brought a wealth of knowledge to the planning phase, preconstruction phase and construction phase. ICON stayed accessible throughout the process and worked as partners with us in getting the project within budget and completed on time."
- Jack Maus
Former Superintendent
Grafton Public Schools
"I can't imagine any other group being able to do a better job that what ICON has done. They have provided leadership while at the same time showing flexibility, compassion and cooperation. I have always felt that they have acted with the best interest of the district in mind."
- Kevin Coles
Former Superintendent
Northwood Public School
"ICON Architects developed a positive, trusting relationship to understand the project the district wanted to complete and worked hard to make certain the project became a reality."
- Scott Privratsky
Devils Lake School District


  • Crookston Public Schools New Transportation Building
  • Dakota Prairie K-12 Addition
  • Hillsboro School District New Fitness Center
  • Max School District K-12 Mechanical/Electrical Upgrade & Renovation
  • Westhope School District Addition and Renovation K-12
  • Lake Agassiz Elementary Renovation
  • Hillsboro School District Elementary Addition

  • Harvey Public Schools Facility Assessment
  • Park River Elementary School Addition
  • Grafton School District High and Middle School Addition & Remodel
  • Beulah Public Schools Mechanical and Building Study
  • Northwood School District K-12 School Addition
  • New School District #8 Williston
  • Grafton School District Locker Room Remodel
  • Minnie H. Elementary
  • Prairie View Elementary Renovation
  • Schroeder Middle School
  • Langdon School District Exterior Renovation
  • Langdon Public Schools Facility Planning
  • Harvey School Consolidation Study

  • Harvey Public Schools Facility Planning
  • Park River Elementary School Addition
  • Northwood Public Schools Disaster Recovery MP
  • Hillsboro High School Science Classroom Renovation
  • Viking Elementary School Renovation
  • Grand Forks Complete District Building Assessment
  • Mayville School District Feasibility Study
  • McKenzie County School District Masterplan
  • Langdon School District Consolidation Feasibility Study
  • Central Valley School District Gym/Locker Room Addition
  • Hillsboro Multipurpose Addition
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