Hatton Eielson Public School Addition and Renovation

Hatton, ND

Project Overview

Hatton Public School in Hatton, North Dakota needed updates due to aging facilities and deficient learning spaces. About half of the building was approximately 100 years old. Problems that the existing building faced due to outdated facilities included: lack of adequate space to accommodate multiple programs/functions; indoor air quality and lighting; and inaccessibility for special education students. The outdated building had also proven ineffective when it comes to attracting and retaining staff and students.

ICON was chosen to address the needs of the school district and design a more updated building that fosters student learning and success. Addition will include four new classrooms, a new music room, a new gymnasium, and a new cafeteria/kitchen. The updated school will also feature an upgraded security system and fire sprinkler system throughout the entire building.

Key Facts

  • Four new classrooms
  • A new music-room
  • New gymnasium
  • New cafeteria/kitchen
  • Accessible special education programs at ground level
  • New main entrance for better security
  • Electronic security monitoring at each exterior entrance
  • Fire sprinklers throughout entire building
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