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ICON was selected to lead the team for a facility assessment of the existing Mandan High School and Brave Center. Our team oversaw Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Structural Engineers and a Construction Manager to prepare the information contained within the report that was presented to the School District. The facility assessment was commissioned to assist the School District with long-range planning and to address increasing enrollment, changing educational requirements, and aging facilities.

The scope of this assessment was to identify deficiencies within the current facilities – code compliance, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, security, and educational adequacy – and apply costs associated with the upgrades required and deferred maintenance items identified within the existing High School and Brave Center.

Mandan High School was designed in 1955 and constructed in 1957 and since its construction, multiple additions and renovations have been made. With these additions and renovations, different code requirements have been implemented, while other portions of the building have remained much the same since their construction leaving the existing High School with multiple code deficiencies, limited security upgrades, and educational spaces that are outdated relative to changing instruction styles and current teaching environments required. The Brave Center was constructed in 1983 and underwent a major renovation in 2010 which added classroom space to accommodate increasing enrollment and changing curriculum needs.

The assessment team studied the drawings, made multiple investigative site visits, and interviewed all staff to gain a complete understanding of the facility, how it is used, the systems within, and the impacts on the students and staff. Upon gathering all of this information, the team’s findings were presented to the Madan School District in a large report to help the identify priority capital maintenance items, address educational inadequacies per the recommendations of the Department of Public Instruction, and understand the security shortcomings identified by Homeland Security. ICON and the team were able to help the School District understand the challenges of these facilities to assist in determining the best course of action for the School District and the community.

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